EKOWOOL is a loose-fill, light, dry mass with capillary porous structure. This mass contains cellulose fibers and additives – non-evaporable antipyrens and antiseptics.

Technical characteristics of EKOWOOL –  thermal conductivity, air permeability, humidity durability, sound insulation and fire safety!
Thermal conductivity of EKOWOOL insulation material λ=0,039 W/mK.

EKOWOOL is an ecological thermal insulating / sound absorption material:
- production raw material - secondary raw material - waste newpapers paper,
- production takes less energy and does not contaminate nature.
That is why cellulose fiber insulation material is friendly to the environment and people - EKOWOOL is not harmful to health.
Choosing EKOWOOL end users participate in environmental protection.
It is ensured by the special method of installation – both dry and moist. EKOWOOL can be evenly distributed even in narrow and difficult to access places of the building constructions (e.g., near pipes and wires). After drying cellulose insulation creates dense, seamless packing. Installed EKOWOOL prevents the possible surface deformation and reduces the noise coming from water-pipes, drainage and sanitary junctions.
For economy purposes, EKOWOOL is one of the most advantageous heat insulation methods. There are no unused remains from cellulose insulation that would appear because of cutting. The customer is paying only for blown in material.
EKOWOOL – fire safe material, which protects the building constructions and does not allow the fire to expand. There are special additions of the natural salts in the structure of EKOWOOL, that are patented by the leading European manufacturers. It does not allow EKOWOOL to start burning because in case of the fire the crystalline water exudes, that chokes the flame and protects the construction. EKOWOOL insulation holds the spread of fire, and it is proven by the tests in case of the fire.

Because of the natural moisture regulation, EKOWOOL and wood constructions around are protected from rotting and fungus. This makes house maintenance easier and prolongs the exploitation time of the building.
House must be breathable. During the winter outdoor temperature is low and there is much less water vapor comparing with the internal air structure. Vapors incurred from human life activity, pets and plants are moving from the inside to the coldest wall surface, thus trying to equalize the concentration of vapor in the air. If the vapor can easy go through wall construction, the wall will remain dry, but in case the vapor meets with water vapor-proof layer, the moisture will condense inside the wall and moisten the wall. Cellulose insulation is breathable, and the insulated constructions are protected from mould and harmful fungi. EKOWOOL provides healthy indoor microclimate and makes your house breathable!
EKOWOOL components are non-toxic, non-volatile and are safety to human health. Not made from petrochemicals nor chemicals with a high toxicity. Many households choose cellulose insulation, because it is anti allergic due to its characteristics.
Cellulose fiber resembles a thin pipe. When moisture gets into EKOWOOL, cellulose fiber absorbs it, spaces between the fibers remain dry and thermal conductivity does not worsen until moisture in ecowool does not exceed 23.5%. In case of water emergency EKOWOOL can absorb 5-6 times more water than its own volume. Because of this characteristic water does not get to and damage other parts of the construction. After drying out EKOWOOL does not loose its characteristics and this is possible only because of capillary structure in cellulose fibers. Thus there is no need for steam and hydro isolation layer when using EKOWOOL as insulation material.

Capillary structure of EKOWOOL and mineral wool fibers
EKOWOOL fibres            Mineral wool fibres

EKOWOOL can absorb moisture in it, distribute it evenly over the whole volume and then drain it without losing its high insulation qualities (up to 23.5% of moisture). According to the test results, within one year no more than 15% of moisture accumulate in EKOWOOL.

In comparison, moisture in the inorganic insulation material (mineral wool) is not absorbed but condensates into water that fills the gaps between fibers. When using mineral wool water can freeze or flow to other parts of construction and thus damage them. Thermal conductivity in the material worsens fast – decreases by 8% for every  1% increase in moisture. Exactly for this reason steam and hydro isolation is necessary when using inorganic insulation materials. 

EKOWOOL provides biological protection– antiseptics saves building from bacteria and keeps gnawers and pests stay away from house constructions.
Nowadays people get a lot of stress that is why it is very important to relax from noise. EKOWOOL is an affective sound insulation material. It provides sound absorption class A (EN ISO 11654). This insulation type is used in airports, sound recording studios, night clubs etc. Cellulose insulation in thickness of 15 mm muffles noise of 9 dB.